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If your skin is looking older than you...

And the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, sagging skin, and otherwise “old-looking” skin frustrates you…

You will soon discover essential knowledge that will
help you REVERSE your skin from aging in a big way...

You will learn about a recent discovery


That could help reverse wrinkles…


Improve the appearance of spotty, blotchy skin…


And may even tighten worry wrinkles…

Giving you back that supple, youthful skin you once had.

And YES, this is true whether you’re 35 or 85 or anywhere in between.

Plus, it’s so amazingly simple, you’ll be shocked you didn’t know about it before.

But to explain…


Do you know what “grape skin” is?

If you don’t, it’s when your skin looks dewy, tight, and young...

Almost like a plump, fresh grape — smooth surface, no defects, and full of moisture.

So like a grape, the moment you step into the sun, your skin is attacked by UV rays…

Which makes your skin shrivel up like a raisin.

And the reason why is simple…

The sun’s UV rays break down the collagen in your skin – the “fiber” that holds your skin together – which leaves your skin loose, thin and dry…

Giving you crow’s feet, worry lines, and dry “onion thin” skin.

But what about people who always wear sunscreen… or rarely go outdoors?

Why do they seem to get just as many wrinkles, if not MORE wrinkles?

There’s a dangerous chemical floating in your body, right now…

That’s slowly MELTING away your skin’s collagen (which makes your skin loose and saggy)…

And this chemical is breaking down your skin’s elastin (which your skin needs to have that “bounce” and flexibility)…

So what is this dangerous chemical?

It’s actually CORTISOL causing all this damage…

That’s right, your own stress hormones are to blame...

Causing new wrinkles to form, AND deepening wrinkles you may already have.

So no matter how much you stay out of the sun…

If you can’t reduce your own stress hormones…

Then wrinkles will keep forming – and there’s nothing you can do about it!


So to attain smooth, youthful “grape skin,” you
should take collagen supplements, right?

You see, taking collagen for aging skin is like buying tissues for your runny nose…

Unless you treat the cause, you’ll still have a runny nose!

So if you have skin that’s aging faster than you, then you need to treat the REAL cause of the problem…

Not just MASK the problem! Here’s what I mean...

Did you know that your body needs a special “cement” to hold collagen together?

Because everyday, your body is rebuilding the collagen in your skin... But when you don’t have enough of this “cement” in your body... the collagen in your body falls apart…

Which is like constructing a building from bricks… You can keep adding bricks (collagen), but without the cement... The whole building would fall apart!

So that’s why taking collagen alone won’t help…

Because without the “cement,” collagen WILL NOT give you the results you’re looking for!

So if you’re frustrated with wrinkles, skin discoloration,
loose dry skin, and all the rest…

And want to help slow down the aging process of your skin (or maybe even reverse it)...

You want to make sure your body has the “cement” it needs to hold all that collagen together!

And when you have enough of this “cement,” you’ll find yourself amazed at your reflection in the mirror…

So what is this special “cement”?

This may surprise you, because you’ve been hearing about this since you were a kid…

It’s none other than Vitamin C!

Now you can’t just take any Vitamin C...


If you feel you consume a lot of Vitamin C already and it’s not helping…

It is not your fault. Because, to put it directly…

Getting enough high-quality Vitamin C isn’t as easy as you think.

Here’s what I mean…

If you read anything on Vitamin C today, you’ll hear the same thing:

If you want to restore your supple skin, and supercharge your collagen with Vitamin C, then you should...

1. Take Vitamin C pills or capsules…

2. Get your Vitamin C from fruits and vegetables…

3. Use Vitamin C Serums...

Take Vitamin C pills or capsules

– OR –

Get your Vitamin C from fruits and vegetables

Now, it’s not to say these won’t help…

But it’s not going to help as much as you’d like (especially if you’re looking to really reverse the signs of aging)...

So let’s face the facts here:

To get enough Vitamin C from pills or capsules…

You’ll have to choke down a big handful, several times a day!

But even that’s a waste, because most of the Vitamin C gets passed through your urine…

Because your body simply has trouble absorbing standard Vitamin C supplements in pill and capsule format!

And even if you COULD swallow enough pills?

Then you may have potential NEW problems like bowel distress, kidney stones, or sitting on the toilet all day… not an inviting prospect!

It’s not a good idea — wrinkly skin or not!

So, what about getting ample amounts of Vitamin C from vegetables?

Good luck…

To get the full collagen restoring levels of Vitamin C (which is at least 1,000mg)...

You’d need to eat about 7 cups of red bell peppers every day…

13 cups of broccoli each day…

Nearly 20 tomatoes a day…

Or even — goodness gracious — 44 cups of KALE everyday!


And what about fruits?

Well, fruits create an even bigger problem…

Now most people don’t know this, but fruit is full of sugar...

Sure, “healthy sugar,” but that’s not the real problem…

Let’s say you eat a guava fruit — which has more Vitamin C than almost anything else you can eat — about 377mg per cup…

But in that same guava, you’d also be eating 15 grams of sugar…

And THAT is where the big problem is…

Now this isn’t about “sugar is bad, so you should never eat it”...

The real issue with sugar is that it can BLOCK Vitamin C from getting absorbed...

Because the sugar molecule looks almost identical to the Vitamin C molecule…

And your “Vitamin C receptors” are the same receptors that absorb sugar!

So even if you eat that guava, now the Vitamin C has to compete with all the sugar you just ate with it!

Because for every Vitamin C molecule trying to get absorbed into your body — there’s another 40 sugar molecules competing to get in there too!

And guess which one your body PREFERS to absorb? The sugar. (Oh, and that’s why those sugar-packed Vitamin C gummies are a waste of time too).

And if you’re wondering about Vitamin C serums?

Because it makes sense… get the Vitamin C straight to the skin, where all the wrinkles are… right?

Look at it this way…

If your body’s lacking SO MUCH Vitamin C that your skin is getting wrinkled… Then imagine what the INSIDE of your body looks like?

It’s probably worse… MUCH worse...
Your immune system may not be at its best…
Your organs might not be functioning as well as they could be…

And that’s why getting your Vitamin C from the inside out is the best way to go.

So now that we know getting enough Vitamin C is hard to do…


What CAN you do?
Here’s an idea:

What if you could get your Vitamin C without choking back a handful of pills…

Without eating enough veggies to put a small farm out of business… And without slathering on another expensive cream?

Now brace yourself, because this may be a little controversial…

It turns out the secret to near-perfect Vitamin C absorption lies in — gasp! — the pharmaceutical industry…

And it’s not in the way you think, because this isn’t a new drug… Instead, it’s in the delivery system that some drugs use…

You see, when you take supplements by mouth, it goes through your stomach (where acids break it apart)...

Gets passed through your digestive system (where more chemicals tear it to useless pieces)...

Then whatever’s left gets absorbed into your bloodstream, leaving you with a tiny percent of what you thought you were getting!

And for lifesaving drugs, this is a big problem… So the world’s leading biochemists discovered a BRILLIANT way to completely skip the normal absorption process by protecting the supplements with a micelle liposomal delivery system…

Which prevents supplements from getting destroyed in your stomach, allowing enhanced absorption...

We found a way to use the same delivery system for your Vitamin C!

Because instead of leaving your Vitamin C “naked”....

We shield your Vitamin C with a “micelle liposomal” layer…

Which protects it from your hostile digestive system helping YOU get more from your Vitamin C!

This type of Vitamin C is a MUST if you want your healthiest and youngest-looking skin...


Introducing: Micelle Liposomal
Vitamin C – the no-pill, no-drug,
no-cream Vitamin C!

(and it’s up to 25% off when you order today!)

It helps give you a FASTER way to support the collagen in your skin…

Which is so key to fighting the appearance of wrinkles, crow’s feet, loose “onion thin” skin…

And even helps with unusual skin discoloration!

This is the most reliable way to get all the Vitamin C you need to restore your youth!

How do you take it?

You take a tablespoon a day by mixing it into a glass of water, a smoothie, or even straight off the spoon (because it really tastes THAT GOOD)!

How long does it last?

Our Micelle Liposomal Vitamin C comes in a sun-proof bottle to protect it from breaking down in the light…

And stores at room temperature for 12 months… And since we can run out of stock at any moment, stocking up makes sense!

How does it taste?

Like an orange creamsicle – it’s delicious – And has ZERO SUGAR.

Does it REALLY help?
A simple search online reveals why thousands of men and women
LOVE Liposomal Vitamin C…

quote left quote right

“This helps my body with production of collagen I've seen a great difference in my skin diminished wrinkles!”

— Abe

“Since I started using Liposomal Vitamin C, I have noticed an improvement in my skin and overall health”

— Rebecca

“My esthetician recommended it to improve my skin. He mentioned it Is the best vitamin C I can get. I noticed my skin dark spots are clear now and my skin feel firmer too.”

— Andrew

“I have been taking the product a little over 30 days and my skin has an amazing glow and looks youthfulness. I know the liposomal method helps my body absorb more of the vitamin c and it’s not getting dissolved all in my gut.”

— Monique

“So far the result is amazing and my skin tone is evened out and much cleared!”

— Samuel

“After just the first day I really started to feel more energy! It is really unbelievable. I also can tell my skin is brighter.”

— Maria

How can I get it?

Right now, you can get up to
25% off and it’s so easy to take…

Simply, 1 tablespoon daily (it tastes just like an orange creamsicle).

Get Micelle Liposomal Vitamin C up to 25% OFF

Yes, the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, discoloration and all the rest can be frustrating.

However, the good news is that your skin is highly receptive to “positive change”… And feeding your body this highly absorbable form of Vitamin C is one of the most important “positive changes” of all.

(Not to mention all the other health benefits of Vitamin C!)

Now the choice is yours.

Will you choose to restore your youthful glow, reduce your worry wrinkles, smooth your crow’s feet…

While even supporting your immune system?

Or just let time pass you by and allow your skin to get drier… Thinner… Looser… Scarred… And MORE wrinkled?

For the thousands of customers who LOVE Vitamin C… The choice was a no-brainer.

(Especially since Vitamin C tastes like a delicious creamsicle with every spoonful).

Please note we can run out of stock at any moment as this product is incredibly popular for good reason.

Cynthia says,

“My skin is glowing, and I feel stronger and healthier!”

Leah Ann also says,

“I love taking this Vitamin C! It not only helps boost my immune system, but also makes my skin look great!”

And even Star wrote,

“I noticed lighter and clearer skin. No more breakouts…”

Plus, even this nationally recognized dermatologist from Manhattan, NY says,

“Vitamin C is the only ingredient that is an antioxidant, that stimulates collagen, and also improves discoloration — yet it also turns your skin from dull to bright, restoring radiance.”

So, if you would like to say goodbye to old raisin skin…

Get Micelle Liposomal Vitamin C up to 25% Off TODAY

The no-pill, no-drug, no-cream Vitamin C

  • Supercharges natural collage production...
  • Promotes healthy hair, nails, and connective tissue...
  • Improves skin hydration...
  • Helps even skin tone...
  • Enhances detoxification...
  • Supports sexual health...
  • Supports increased cognitive function and focus...
  • Reduced post-exercise soreness...
  • Correlated with reduced body fat and waist size...
  • Helps support healthy testosterone levels in men...
  • Improves absorption of Collagen, Iron, Vitamin E, & Zinc
Choose your package:

1 Month Supply

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per bottle

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But remember…
Not just ANY Vitamin C will do… You need the Purality Health Difference.

Vitamin C: The delicious, sugar-free, creamsicle flavored, liquid Vitamin C – specifically designed for superb absorption!

Our ADVANCED DELIVERY SYSTEM allows Vitamin C to pass through the digestive system safely and TARGET THE CELLS THAT NEED IT MOST.

We use a revolutionary process 100% UNIQUE to Purality Health® to administer Vitamin C quickly and efficiently.


icon 1
STEP 1 Ferment

First we use an ALL-NATURAL FERMENTATION process to produce a high quality, bioavailable form of Vitamin C, L-Ascorbic Acid.

The L-Ascorbic Acid used in our Micelle Liposomal Vitamin C is the form found in nature that’s much EASIER FOR YOUR BODY TO ABSORB and use than the synthetic version, D-Ascorbic Acid.

icon 2
STEP 2 Acid Buffer

To counteract the low pH of Ascorbic Acid and avoid any stomach upset, we buffer it with a natural bicarbonate downstream process, allowing the Vitamin C to react with natural Potassium Bicarbonate.

The Ascorbic Acid releases the potassium, producing CO2 which then helps NEUTRALIZE THE VITAMIN C TO MAKE IT EASY TO DIGEST & UTILIZE.

icon 3
STEP 3 Liposomal Delivery

Time for the finishing touch. The Vitamin C is then encapsulated into tiny, nano-sized micelles which are further enveloped into liposomes - essentially healthy fat cells.

The protective liposomes SHIELD THE TINY VITAMIN C MICELLES from the hostile environment and absorption barriers found in the human gut.

As the liposomes travel through the digestive system, they slowly peel away in a controlled manner. The micelles are gradually released and eventually the buffered VITAMIN C IS DEPOSITED NEAR THE GUT LINING where it can be fully absorbed.

vitamin c

of digestion, and DELIVERED SAFELY to the cells that need it most.

Here’s how it stacks up against other
Vitamin C delivery methods:


Our 3-Step Formula

High Quality
Vitamin C

Non GMO, Gluten Free, Dairy Free L-Ascorbic Acid manufactured in a GMC Certified Lab. No compromises.

step 1

Revolutionary Micelle Liposomal delivery technology for superb absorption. The new Gold Standard Vitamin C.

step 2

No artificial colors or flavors used whatsoever - just great tasting, all natural vanilla and citrus oils.

step 3


Vitamin C

Choose your package:

1 Month Supply

10% Off!


per bottle

Best Value

3 Month Supply

30% Off!


per bottle

Most Popular

2 Month Supply

20% Off!


per bottle


guarantee 2

symbolThese statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Ingredients: Glycerin, *Vitamin C Liposomal Proprietary Blend (non GMO Sunflower oil containing Phosphatidylcholine and Vitamin C as Ascorbic Acid), Purified Water, Citrus oil and Vanilla (Natural Flavors), Vitamin E, Beta Carotene (natural color), Potassium Bicarbonate, Oleic Acid, and Citric Acid.

image 1 image 2 image 3 image 4

DOES NOT CONTAIN: GMO, MSG, gluten, dairy, wheat, soy, corn, yeast, lactose or milk.

CAUTION: Do not exceed recommended dose. Pregnant or nursing mothers, children under the age of 18 and individuals with a known medical condition should consult a physician before using this or any dietary supplement.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The website's content and the product for sale is based upon the author's opinion and is providded solelyon an "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE" basis. You should do your own research and confirm the information with other sources when searching for information regarding health issues and always review the information carefully with your professional health-care provider before using any of the protocols presented on this website and/or in the product sold here, Neither Purality Health* nor the author are engaged in redereng medical or similar professional services or advice via this website or the product, and the information provided is not intended to replace medical advice offered by a physician or other licensed health-care provider.


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