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This NEW liquid magnesium is a powerful and delicious approach to a healthier you!

This vegan-friendly formula utilizes a unique technology which allows you to absorb 800% more magnesium than standard supplements.

And the best part? It contains zero sugars or artificial flavors and tastes just like a delicious vanilla bean treat!

magnesium Absorb 800% more!
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Discover the scientifically proven treat that promotes better sleep, boosts cellular function, supports a healthy heart, maintains healthy blood sugar levels, and promotes overall longevity…

In just a few weeks!

Kathleen review

“Has a delicious subtle vanilla flavor and comes in convenient pouches! It helps with my anxiety and it helps me sleep better at night.”

Verified Customer

Ramya review

“Comes in convenient pouches and helps me to have a deeper, more restful sleep! I love my boosted energy and feel much healthier overall.”

Verified Customer

Hear what real customers have to say:

“This product is amazing! I was having such a hard time sleeping , lucky if I was getting 2-3 hrs! Then I tried PURALITY HEALTH MAGNESIUM and from the second night I have been getting 6-8 hrs! Good Sleep! THANK YOU PURALITY HEALTH .....”

Verified Customer

“I really think since taking the Micelle Liposomal Magnesium I've been sleeping better at night which was the reason I ordered it in the first place. I've had a problem with insomnia for years, and since taking it I'm getting a full night of sleep.”

Andy A.
Verified Customer

“I am really delighted with this product. From day one it has helped me sleep soundly. I add a little honey and warm coconut or almond milk and enjoy it as a nightcap half an hour before bed.”

Verified Customer

Here's Why PUREDOSE® Magnesium is Superior

If you’ve ever bought magnesium supplements from a health food store, supermarket, or most places online, chances are you have a useless supplement sitting in your medicine cabinet.

See, most magnesium supplements have two issues:


They are “naked” — meaning the magnesium compounds are unprotected from the boiling acid of your stomach, which destroys most of them before they can be absorbed.


They are made of giant nutrients — meaning they are encapsulated in such a form that is too big to squeeze past your small intestine wall, hindering absorption.

PUREDOSE® Magnesium is completely different

It’s “packaged” with much smaller nutrients, so your body soaks in up to 800% more!

FIRST: The magnesium compounds are encased in micelles. Think of micelles as a protective barrier that wraps around the compounds to protect them from stomach acid during digestion.

SECOND: The micellized magnesium compounds are further wrapped in liposomes. Liposomes form the same type of fat (phospholipids) as cell membranes. This makes the nutrients recognizable by the body and welcome for absorption.

THIRD: The magnesium compound (within the micelles and liposomes) safely travel through the harsh digestive tract and arrive in your gut fully intact. The nutrients are then absorbed through the intestinal wall and are deposited directly into the bloodstream.


FINALLY: Your body gets a powerful dose of magnesium along with the countless health benefits that come with them like improved sleep, increased energy, boosted immunity, and so, so much more!

Here's why people rave about PUREDOSE® Magnesium




In fact, the members of our Purality Health community LOVE our PUREDOSE® Magnesium so much because…

“It’s a delicious, subtle
vanilla flavor”

Ruth review

“The packaging is so convenient, I can take the pouches with me traveling to ensure I stick to my sleep schedule!”

Verified Customer

Janice review

“It tastes so good and I have more energy, less pain and am sleeping better! Love the convenient pouch too!”

Verified Customer

Carol review

“I love these pouches. They are great for on the go life when you need your Magnesium fix. I can’t believe how much of a difference I feel already. This is hands-down my favorite Magnesium!”

Verified Customer

Lisa review

“I get very bad pain in my hips from arthritis, and it’s hard finding much that helps. But this magnesium has made a drastic difference in my pain levels and helps my muscles and joints feel more at ease. I would be lost without this Magnesium!”

Verified Customer

Not only does PUREDOSE® Magnesium taste amazing, but it’s:


100% Vegan


Sugar Free


Gluten Free


Corn Free


Soy Free



…And contains NO artificial flavorings or preservatives.

With just ONE delicious pouch a day, you can…

  • Support your sleep cycle by blocking the activity of more stimulating neurotransmitters and binding to calming receptors, resulting in a calm and restful state.
  • Increase your energy by turning your food into energy.
  • Soothe aching muscles by aiding in muscle contraction and relaxation.
  • Regulate your nervous system by regulating neurotransmitters, which send messages throughout your brain and nervous system.
  • Support your heart health by leveling out cholesterol levels and reducing blood pressure.
  • Maintain healthy blood sugar levels by insulin sensitivity.
One pouch of magnesium works wonders!

Here’s What’s Inside

PUREDOSE® Magnesium

Gallery image

Magnesium bisglycinate

One of the most absorbable forms of magnesium, we use magnesium bisglycinate to further ensure your body can take in this crucial mineral. Plus, because it’s formed with the amino acid glycine, it comes with added benefits, such as improving sleep and promoting a healthy inflammatory response.

Vitamin E

A fat-soluble vitamin that acts as a powerful antioxidant, vitamin E helps neutralize free radical damage and may protect the body against environmental toxins. What’s more is that vitamin E supplementation with magnesium has been found to improve glycemic control and support healthy cholesterol levels.

Almond butter

Our almond butter contains just almonds, meaning you get all of the wonderful benefits that almonds have to offer, such as supported heart and bone health, better cholesterol levels, along with the many nutrients and antioxidants almonds contain.

This Magnesium

Deliver Critical Nutrients Your Body Craves and NEEDS!

Typically, you’d have to book an IV or some other expensive and inconvenient method to get such a readily available dose of magnesium. But Purality Health’s PUREDOSE® Micelle Liposomal delivery system is in a simple liquid form that tastes great!

Magnesium helps with so many functions in our body.

Here are 3 Key Benefits of Magnesium:

Promotes better sleep – Magnesium has been touted as a natural sleep remedy, and for good reason. Magnesium regulates several neurotransmitters involved in sleep. As such, plenty of studies have found that magnesium intake can help people fall asleep faster and increase sleep quality and duration, all while increasing wakefulness throughout the day.

Supports mental health – Because magnesium plays a major role in brain function and mood, low levels can increase the risk of mental health issues like depression and anxiety. Research has found that those with low levels of magnesium are 22% more likely to be depressed, and supplementing with this mineral can significantly reduce symptoms of both depression and anxiety.

Promotes heart health – Magnesium plays a huge role in keeping your heart healthy and strong. Research has indicated that magnesium props up the health of the heart in several ways, including by lowering LDL (bad) cholesterol levels, increasing HDL (good) cholesterol levels, and reducing blood pressure.

Key Features:

Unparallelled absorption – On a good day, your body only absorbs about 30% of the magnesium it takes in. That’s why we created this highly-absorbable formula. Our delivery method wraps the magnesium in a series of protective layers, allowing it to safely pass through the digestive system and to the intestinal wall where it can be readily absorbed by your body.

Amazing taste – Our magnesium tastes just like a sweet vanilla treat – all without any sugars or artificial sweeteners!

Natural ingredients – Every ingredient in our magnesium formula is natural and serves a purpose to your health. There are no fillers or preservatives.

Easy-to-take – Typically, you’d have to book an IV or some other expensive and inconvenient method to get such a readily available dose of magnesium. But Purality Health’s PUREDOSE® Micelle Liposomal delivery system is in a simple liquid form that tastes great!

Magnesium bisglycinate – We use this type of magnesium as it’s been shown to be one of the most bioavailable forms of the mineral while including glycine – an amino acid that promotes better sleep.

Free of most common allergens – Our natural formula is free of common allergens such as gluten, dairy, wheat, soy, or yeast. Purality Health’s Magnesium contains almonds.

Crafted in the USA – Using only the finest domestic and imported ingredients, our magnesium is made and packed in California within a USDA and GMP certified lab.

Tested for quality assurance – Each batch of our magnesium is tested by a third-party licensed and accredited lab using the most advanced methods of detection. It is Prop 65 compliant and free of heavy metals. We also test each batch for radiation and lead.

Certified USDA organic lab – Our California lab is certified to USDA organic regulations. As such, we produce without the use of synthetic ingredients like chemical pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, hormones, antibiotics, bio-engineering, or ionizing radiation for the non-GMO and organic requirement.

Love Your PUREDOSE® Magnesium or Get Your Money Back!


When you receive your order of PUREDOSE® Magnesium, you are completely covered under our 180-day satisfaction guarantee (that’s an entire 6 months)! We want you to be 100% satisfied with your results.

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Our magnesium comes in easy-to-take single-serving pouches. One pouch equals one serving. Our formula is water-soluble, meaning you can add it to any liquid, such as water. Simply dispense one pouch into your mouth, a glass, or a spoon. Our magnesium is best taken on an empty stomach or twenty minutes before a meal.

Since it’s involved in so many functions throughout the body, magnesium comes with many benefits. Your brain, heart, bones, and immunity all benefit from healthy levels of this mineral. Additionally, magnesium has been shown to support mental health and promote better sleep. Our technology protects the magnesium from breakdown in the digestive tract and delivers it to the gut wall so that you get the most out of every dose.

Magnesium is needed by every cell in your body. Without it, they can’t carry out their functions and your systems suffer. Everyone needs magnesium for optimal health. If you want to ensure you have enough, our formula is for you.

Liposomes are lipid molecules. Think of them as tiny bubbles made out of the same material as cell membranes. They’ve been proven to be highly efficient in delivering drugs and nutrients to where they need to go within the body – including magnesium.[50]

Our patented liposomal delivery system protects the magnesium from the acid in your stomach, allowing it to pass through your digestive system fully intact. They then shield and shuttle the nutrient to your intestinal wall where it can be readily absorbed into your bloodstream.

Take one pouch of Purality Health® Micelle Liposomal Magnesium once daily. Simply dispense one pouch into your mouth, a glass, or a spoon. Our magnesium is best taken on an empty stomach or twenty minutes before a meal.

Our liposomal magnesium formula is crafted inside an FDA certified, GMP compliant lab in the USA using domestic and imported ingredients. Our product has been tested and is heavy metal free, Prop 65 compliant, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

If you have any questions, give us a call at 1-888-292-8309. Or, you can email us at